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Where do I turn for help? I was a victim (pedestrian) of being hit by a car.

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As a pedestrian, I was hit by a car. The driver was driving his father's car with only $10,000 liability. It appears they have no assets. I do not own a vehicle or have a driver's license. Hospital liens are already in excess of $200,000. The insured company sent a $10,000 check to the hospital, approximately $400 in personal property loss and approximately $400 in lost wages to me. I have been off work two months, have yet to be able to put weight on my foot (that had to be re-attached) and I have no idea when or if I will be back to work or even walk. I have approximately six (1/2 pay) weeks left on short term disability, have lost my apartment and am looking at bankruptcy and ruin. Please tell me if I have any recourse.

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Have you spoken to a personal injury lawyer? There may be other coverages and remedies available. The insurance company has an obligation to treat you fairly. The $10,000 was probably PIP benefits to cover bills. There may be Bodily Injury or underinsured motorist or other parties at fault.

Call or email a thorough lawyer.


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I'm sorry to hear about your incident and injuries. Ultimately, an attorney is going to need more facts about how the car collision occurred to evaluate whether there are other possible individuals or entities that are liable for what happened. Additionally, an attorney would need to know more information about your relatives, who the tortfeasor was, his/her relatives, his/her employment, and if there are other possible insurance policies that could provide coverage for your injuries. I suggest contacting an attorney so you can provide the full set of facts on what happened and they can explore whether you have other potential options for compensation regarding your injuries.


As a pedestrian, it would be important to contact an attorney to investigate all of the facts of the accident in order to determine whether negligence by anyone else caused your injuries. Often, additional parties are found to be liable in situations like yours. It would also be important to learn more about the assets of the driver of the other car and his father as liability coverage of 10,000 seems to be insufficient to cover your damages.


Retain a personal injury lawyer then


Because you were a pedestrian, the $10,000 payment may be coming from the 3rd parties PIP (personal injury protection) insurance. This insurance is a no-fault insurance that covers the driver and also is extended to pedestrians. Contact a personal injury attorney to see if there are any other options for recovery. An attorney can also negotiate with you health care providers regarding any liens that may exist on your settlement.

I am sorry to hear about your accident.

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The simple fact is you need to talk with an experienced injury attorney as the other posts have described. Hopefully they will be able to determine if additional coverage is available by examining all the facts of your claim. Did you own a vehicle yourself? Were there any other factors that caused the other driver to strike you such as an obstruction to their view? You have a bad situation that you clearly need help with.

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