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Where do I start my children's HIPAA rights were violated through getting shots and other treatment with no permission?

Newport News, VA |

I have learned that the pediatrician, a dentist office and I have to go pull the hospital records for my kids there...pretty sure my husband's girlfriend signed there without permission...Is there damages to be sought since she was not on a release to sign anything?

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  1. Depending on circumstances (you didn't give any substantive circumstances) the GF might have committed an assault on the kids. HIPAA isn't going to net you anything--if the Doctors office did something wrong they may be fined by the government--you won't see a dime of that. Recoommend you gather up documents and get to a point past 'pretty sure' to something more solid, then go see a local attorney and discuss options (after you've discussed any medical implications of the shots and 'other treatment' with the kids doctor).

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  2. Mr. Rafter has it. Violation of HIPPA does not confer a private cause of action, meaning a cause of action for which you as an individual may seek to get recompense for violation of your rights. Instead, HIPPA is a means by which a healthcare organization, expansive definition, may be fined.

    Again, Mr. Rafter has it in that the medical professional may not have had informed consent to treat your children due to the failure of the authorization signed by the girlfriend.

    I would agree with Mr. Rafter about knowing and not suspecting. Next, I would think very hard about what damages I believe were suffered due to the wrongful act.

    We wish you the best in your endeavor.

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  3. I agree with the other counsel - this is not a HIPAA issue. As to any other cause of action - were the children harmed in any way by the treatment? Did they need it? If so, it may be hard to establish a claim for compensable damages.

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