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Where do I find the rules regarding urine testing in the pa parole system.

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my understand is you can not be sent directly to prison without some sort of intervention first. I had a positive reaction and was threaten with prison time if I had another positive reaction. In the work that I do, we come across a lot of automobiles that were impounded with strong traces of weed. Could there be a possibility that my system has been breached and the TLC level if ever checked will show such in which they do not do.

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The regulations for the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole (PBPP) are found in volume 37 of the PA Code which contains regulations for the Commonwealth. PBPP's regs are found in Chapter 61 commencing with §61.1. That being said, the Board will schedule a hearing for you if your PO forwards notice of an alleged violation. You will have an opportunity to present evidence contradicting any evidence offered that you violated the terms of your supervision. I would recommend that you seek the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, and one with experience in dealing with PBPP. If your work exposes you to the controlled substance you've indicated and there is no other known/suspected sources, you should by all means attempt to defend against any allegations of violation. Your testimony before the Board IS evidence but not likely to be persuasive without some independent support. A skilled attorney can help you come up with convincing support if your theory holds water. Good luck.


It may be possible. Further investigation of this specific factual circumstance is required. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Philadelphia area.


Mr. Jones properly directs you to the controlling law. It is suggested that you not use the defense that you propose. You will loose all credibility.

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