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Where can I get protective order from my son in law

Houston, TX |

Can I complain against my son-n law for text harrasment? My daughter and children lives with me after her husband left her for domestic violence. After couple of months separated he wanted to come back with her but my daughter refused to get back together. She filed divorce(not granted yet), and restraining order(but police cant find him although he is in the area). He calls our home phone every minute of the day and leaves threat messages. I finally blocked off his number and now he is sending me text on my cell phone with cursed and treat me with sort of ways because he is blaming me and my husband for his separation with my daughter and small children. What can I do to prevent him for harming me and family in any which way he can.

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I don't practice in TX, but yes. You can get a restraining order through the county court civil department or if there is already a TRO you can request that it be extended to include you.

Edward J. Blum


You can file a complaint by calling 311 (for non-emergencies) or 911 (for emergencies). They will take a complaint from you regarding the harassment allegations, but your daughter will likely have to talk to them herself to file any assault charges.

The local district and county attorneys may be willing to represent your daughter in getting a protective order against her ex-husband, but again, since she is the victim, she is going to have to take an active role in this process. She or you can get a PO covering your grandchildren.

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