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Where can i get passport photos taken??

Zillah, WA |

So i'm seeing in the daca rules that i need to send two passport photos but i'm wondering where i can get them. Post office?

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    If you have a smart phone or ipad, there is a neat app that can do it for you called ID Photo Print. You can print on your home photo printer if you have one or you can pay additional for the app developer to print it and send it to your home address. Check it out.

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  2. Post Office? Yes
    FedEx Office? Yes
    Walgreens? Yes
    Sears? Yes

    Just look for places that advertise passport photos ... they are the same thing.

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  3. Fred Meyer and Wal-Mart will often have photo services as well. Private photo studios often offer passport photos, but charge more for them than the large national chains.

    Best of luck!

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