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Where can I get a physical FDLE finger print card to seal my record?

Orlando, FL |

i am trying to seal my record, and when i pritned the application from the internet and took the paper to the cops to fingerprint me, they said they are not set up to fingerprint on paper and need the physical finger print card...i called the fdle and they are no help so where does one get the physcial card thanx very much

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  1. The county Sheriff's office.

  2. Apparently the Orlando PD, or whatever sub-station or other department that you went to, is stuck in the early 20th century. My advise: Go to another station.

    I have been using downloaded forms from FDLE for a decade and even the most Podunk PD's have no problems filling them in. There is literally nothing to set up. All fingerprinting takes is an ink pad, a target piece of paper (in any form), a desk or table or other firm item upon which to set said piece of paper and your finger. If they are courteous they will even provide a baby wipe (although I always suggest that my clients bring their own, just in case.)

    Its hard for me to imagine that either the OPD truly cannot process a FDLE form, so personally I think that you were flat out lied. Go to another branch or neighborhood police department. OPD should change its name to MMPD - Micky Mouse PD - because that is just ridiculous.

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  3. What Haber said.

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  4. My colleague Mr. Haber is right & he's entertaining. I've been sealing & expunging cases for clients in Orlando since I left the State Attorney's Office in 2001 & am unaware of any law enforcement agency that is unable to use the paper version of the fingerprint card. I suggest you try the Orange County Sheriff's Office. You may want to call ahead for details on the days &/or times that they offer this service.

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  5. As my colleagues have indicated, just try a different police station. Try calling before going as some locations have certain time schedules to perfom the service.

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  6. we have them at our office. Also the Clerk of court has them!

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  7. You can download them off the Internet. There is an Adobe Acrobat file that contains the expungement packet and the fingerprint form. Hire a lawyer. Good luck.

  8. I have sealed/and or expunged approximately 20 cases in Orlando and over 50 in my legal career cases in the last year and I have never had one of my clients come back to me and tell me that the paper fingerprint card would not be accepted by a given police department. As a matter of fact, I have given several clients an FBI compliant fingerprint card PDF file that I printed directly from a Google search that have been accepted by police departments, FDLE, and judges as it related to pleas in absentia that I have put through. My advice would be to go to another department and avoid the person who is being a stickler. The only thing I could suggest would be to go to the courthouse downtown and speak to a bailiff and ask him if you could have a blank fingerprint card from a courtroom. Just pick a courtroom. the bailiffs/Deputies are usually pretty helpful and relaxed. Just ask politely. Best of Luck. please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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