Where can i find work with this conviction it is so hard to find work now. i am a chef by trade and cant get a job im am good at

Asked about 2 years ago - Montebello, CA

I had a heated arguement with my wife lots of name calling foul mouth words threats to each other but no hitting or weapans cops were called i was arrested for domestic violence
and it ruiend my life cant find any work but still with my family

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    Answered . If you are on probation, try contacting your probation officer and ask if his or her office has a list of suitable employers who are known for giving second chances to people with convictions. State parole offices may have such information, as well.

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    Answered . Were you arrested or convicted? You don't have to disclose arrests.

    Unless it asks for criminal convictions on the job application, I doubt that the restaurant would do an extensive criminal background check on a chef.

    If the issue comes up during an interview, just be honest and explain yourself and describe the steps you took to get back in control of your emotions and become a better man. We all make mistakes.

    David Mallen

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    Answered . Unless you are applying for a law enforcement or sensitive government facility job, your employer may not ask you about arrests, only convictions. If you have a conviction, you can probably have it expunged after the passage of a certain amount of time. In the mean time, if you were convicted, disclose it on the application or state "will explain" on the application so that you get a chance to tell the employer it had nothing to do with your honesty or trustworthiness.

    If you have gone through some anger management therapy as a result of the arrest, that would be a good thing to disclose as well.

    Good luck to you.

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