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Where can I find the paperwork to file a construction lien on a house? ( Not the notice the actual Claim paperwork)

Seattle, WA |

The company I work for would like me to figure out how to put a lien on a house. We have the notice to lien in our contract. I have attempted to contact the city of seattle department but they didn't give me the specifications and or paperwork on how to actually put a lien on someones house.

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I preface this response with, I practice law in New Jersey not Washington.

In New Jersey, you can contact the county clerk's office and they have information regarding the steps to file a construction lien. You might want to check out your county's website and/or call the clerk's office. Good luck.

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that this post is not intended to constitute legal advice and is for informational purposes only. This posting in on way creates an attorney client relationship. You should contact an attorney to protect your interests.


Before filing the lien you should check RCW 60.04, the chapter on mechanic's liens and be sure that you meet the requirements, have given the notices, and that the lien is timely. This is important because your company can be sued for filing a frivolous lien. You seem to be looking for a form called notice of claim of lien. These are available on line or by search the King County real property records on line for examples.


Be careful whenever using do-it-yourself forms, not because the forms may not be correct (that is always a danger), but because filling these things out, serving them, filing them, and making sure you have the right data is crucial, and it's easy to make mistakes.

Here is an article about the dangers of filing a mechanic's lien yourself:

If you want to do it yourself, check out this resource for Washington liens:
Free mechanic lien forms are included there. The service will file the lien for you for $295.

My Mechanics Lien Filing Service at Our number is 866-720-5436. Avvo's terms and conditions apply, answers on Avvo are general responses to hypothetical scenarios presented by questioner.

Jordan K. Foster

Jordan K. Foster


Contact Mr. Wolfe, he's a go to guy for this stuff. The bottom line is your company wants to get paid and you want to impress your boss... don't blow both these by doing it yourself.

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