Where can I find documentation that someone was the executor of another person's estate?

Asked 12 months ago - Flagler Beach, FL

My mother was executor of her cousin's estate in New York in 1996. There is money in the Office of Unclaimed Funds in N Y State under her name. I have the papers to apply for these funds as my mother's sole heir, but I need proof linking her to the address of her cousin. She never lived with her but did take care of her needs via phone calls. Is there another way to show proof of her relationship to her cousin's address? Thank you. Andrea Kennedy

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  1. Lawrence Jay Davis


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    Answered . It is possible that the sworn statement, or Affidavit, of a person with actual knowledge will suffice. The person signing the Affidavit should have no financial interest in the matter.

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  2. Carol Anne Johnson

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    Answered . If you know the county where the cousin's estate was probated, they should have the records of the letters of administration that would have named your mother as executor. That should be sufficient since it will also state their relationship.

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  3. Steven M Zelinger


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    Answered . Look in the county records where the estate was "raised"

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  4. Celia R Reed

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    Answered . I would look at the probate records in the court where the estate was probated.

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