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Where can I find a pro-bono or collect by case basis lawyer in SC for multi-civil rights and discrimination violations?

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My case is very complex. The lawyer assigned through the legal aid flat out lied on my behalf. Told the judge I had "mental" issues b/c I'm on disability. I am not mental...yet an appointed GAL for my child has slandered this without any evidence other than what the father has told her. I have been extremely railroaded by the system in that I have to represent myself. I am not a lawyer. My privacy and HIPAA laws have been violated and there is clear evidence that DSS failed in their position. I filed an appeal but it was dismissed. I was never taken to court and they claimed to "misplace" the file for 6 months. As well as the clerk of court's office denying me access to the file. It has been 2 years and I have been seriously alienated from my son that is 18 hours away.

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I'm not licensed in SC, but if SC is anything like Ohio, an attorney is forbidden and absolutely CANNOT take child custody and support cases on a contingency basis.

This information is intended as general information only. This communication does not establish an attorney-client relationship between me and the asker.

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why not? If a man is making all the money and forbids his wife to work-lest under his direction and/or the wife is not in the best health to work outside the home.....then WHY can't lawyers be able to have compassion toward women? Their fees ought to be paid for by the man especially if he wants to take the children from her. It is a system created by men, for men and continues to only be honored to rules enforced by MEN! Women did not and do not deserve to have some caste system continously shoved in their face by laws and gender biasness when a woman is without money.

Ala M. Hamayel

Ala M. Hamayel


You can ask for attorney's fees to be paid by your husband. But your attorney would want to be paid first and when you get an award for attorney's fees, if any, you will be reimbursed. You don't work for free. Neither do attorneys. And as I mentioned above, the law forbids this anyway. So even if an attorney wanted to be helpful, the attorney is not allowed by law. Good luck.

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