Where can I find a criminal defense attorney proboscis ?

The public defender in my sons case acts as if he is guilty and is not reachable other then court appearances . My son is 19 hecks being charged with second degree burglary . He was not in the home but near it when his friend burglarized the home the were no markings on the property . He states he never went in the home . They are try g to charge him with three counts . How do I help him when I just became disabled . I have no money and he is still a student . He had a juvenile record . That should be sealed but I think they're using it against him . Can anyone help .

Snowflake, AZ -

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Steven W Zachary

Steven W Zachary

Criminal Defense Attorney - Gilbert, AZ

You can try contacting the State Bar of Arizona and see if they have resources to help your son.

James L Heard III

James L Heard III

Criminal Defense Attorney - Mesa, AZ

To add to the other answer, your son could also ask the judge to assign another lawyer. Doesn't mean the judge will, but you can make the request. Make sure you have actual reasons to give the judge, not just "I don't like him." Document when your son has tried to contact him and hasn't been able to etc.

Lastly, the prosecutor will have access to see what your son's juvenile record is. It can't be used against him in court or to aggravate his sentence, but the prosecutor may use it to decide what kind of kid your son is and tailor his plea offer accordingly.

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