Where can i find a bankruptcy lawyer that will help free, i have no money.

Asked over 2 years ago - Ceres, CA

i recently got divorced and my ex doesnt want the house but doesnt want bad credit. i have my two year old daughter and work part time. i cant afford the mortgage anymore. i need legal help but cant afford that either.

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  1. Curtis Lamar Harrington Jr

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    Answered . Legal Aid, Public Counsel (LA version) and Public Law Center (Orange County) for example, will handle some bankruptcies at no charge for indigent people.

    Looks like the closest is:

    California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA)
    Modesto - Stanislaus County - California
    Phone : (209) 577-3811

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  2. Tai Christopher Bogan


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    Answered . Have you spoken to a lawyer? Do you know how much they charge? How do you know you can't afford one. If you are going to file for bankruptcy then I assume your not paying your creditors and if you are paying them and you are going to file you should consider why you are paying them if you about to go bankrupt.

    Chapter 13 costs about $3500 plus filing fees and Chapter 7 varies with an average of around $1200 plus filing fees. Chapter 7 is paid upfront and Chapter 13 can be worked into a payment plan.

    Finally, maybe bankruptcy isn't even the answer for you int he first place. Bankruptcy doesn't save the house, it only temporarily stalls foreclosure. If you only have a first mortgage then the lender can foreclose and can't come after you for a deficiency. If you have a second the lender may or may not be able to seek payment on the 2nd.

    Also, why are you so concerned over the ex anyway? Any debt taken out during marriage are 1/2 hers anyhow.

    Lastly, if you cannot truly afford an attorney and bankruptcy is your choice, then you could try to navigate the waters yourself. If you do this yourself then be aware that trying to cheat on the bankruptcy paperwork will get in you major hot water. I mention this because you seem concerned for your ex and figure you might try to leave certain debts off the bankruptcy list in order to protect her. When the bankruptcy court or trustee asks for you to list ALL debts - that is exactly what it means. Don't mess around.

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  3. James Portman Webster


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    Answered . It is difficult to find good free bankruptcy help. This is a very complicated area of law that does not seem complicated.

    Try the bankruptcy court and see if there is a self-help center. They may be able to refer you to someone or maybe there is a large firm that donates a certain amount of hours to helping people in your situation.

    A lot of good attorneys do that here in Phoenix.

    I would assume the same would be true in your District.

    Good luck.

    Jim Webster

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