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When the state prosecutes, what are the odds of fighting this case and winning?

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My fiancé is being charged with Assault Family Impeding Breathe. Even though I didn't want to press charges, and I have complained that the officers misstated what happened that night. What are the odds this case will be dropped, or he won't get the 5-25 years he is being told he will get. It will be his third felony, none were domestic violence charges.

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  1. The answer to your question depends upon a lot of factors, including what are the facts of the case and how good is his attorney are just 2. The first thing that I would suggest is that he hires a competent local criminal defense attorney to help him fight the case.

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  2. There is no confidentiality online. Your fiancé is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. If you cannot find an experienced local criminal litigator on Avvo, a good place to look is the website for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ( Speak to several attorneys and hire the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. NACDL local members: ( NACDL Local affiliates:

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  3. No lawyer can evaluate your fiance's chances in trial on avvo. There is no way to get a full picture of the case here.

    Does he have a lawyer? if so, that is the person who needs to be evaluating the chances for winning the case.

    BTW, the penalty range for a third degree felony is 2-10 years prison and up to a $10 thousand fine. With one prior final felony conviction, it would be 2-20 years prison and same fine. With two prior final felony convictions, one after the other, it would be 25-99 years or life in prison, no fine. Serious stuff. If your fiance does not have a lawyer yet, he sure needs one.

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