When should i fight for my house

i have lived at my home for since 2001 ( 12 years ) i found out about a lean on the home and sent a registered letter 3 years ago do i have to wait 7 more years or can i fight this now, the registered owner is a miner about 11-13 her exciter will not respond to my letter asking for a buyers contract free of lean

Chehalis, WA -

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Matthew F. Davis

Matthew F. Davis

Real Estate Attorney

For us to answer your question, we are going to need more information. it just is not clear what your situation is. My questions would be

1. Do you own the home?
2. What exactly is the name of the document that was recorded? It seems like you may be referring to a lien or a document called a Lis Pendens. The actual title will be on page one.
2. When was it recorded?
3. Why exactly was it recorded (failure to pay for work, child support, failure to sell property)?
4. Has any action been taken by the person who filed it?

If you can re-ask your question with this information, I think that someone can answer it.

This is legal information and not legal advice. The final answer to your question will depend on more facts than... more

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