When see a divorce lawyer for first time will it cost anything?

Daughter going through tough marriage and I worry for her and the four kids. I am trying to get her to go see a lawyer, she says she can't afford one and affraid what husband would do if he knew she was seeking information. They live in Wisconsin and we live in Alabama. We are going up in a few weeks to be with them and we want to help her. Her pastor said to get seperation but that will not work.

Hartford, WI -

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Teri M. Nelson

Teri M. Nelson

Family Law Attorney - Wauwatosa, WI

Our firm practices in Washington County and we offer free initial consultations which are completely confidential. I would encourage her to at least meet with an attorney to find out what her options are and the likely result in a divorce or a legal separation. The only way her husband would find out would be if she told him. If she is interested, please have her call our office at 414-258-1644 to schedule an appointment.

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