When receiving workmans' compensation are other parties allowed to receive my workers compensation benefits? Yes/No

My workmans' compensation is it only mine to collect or can it also be distributed to someone else other people. I assumed w.c. was a benefit for only the injured employee? Isn't this unlawful?

Bakersfield, CA -

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Kenneth Michael Sheppard

Kenneth Michael Sheppard

Workers' Compensation Lawyer - San Francisco, CA

Generally, only the injured worker is entitled to workers' compensation benefits. However, under some circumstances other parties may be entitled to these benefits. These include child support agencies (if you are under an order to pay child support), the Employment Development Department (if you received state disability benefits or unemployment benefits for a period during which you should have received workers' compensation benefits), or other parties that provided living expenses or other support for the injured worker and file a timely lien with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board to be reimbursed for their services.

Brett A. Borah

Brett A. Borah

Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Cupertino, CA

Normally, workers' comp benefits are paid to the injured worker. There may be some exceptions if there is a lien filed for child support or by E.D.D. or a few other situations. It might also be paid to someone else if the injured worker is in jail or prison.

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