When it comes to child support what are the reasons for supervised visits and will I have to do it?

Asked over 2 years ago - San Antonio, TX

My ex gf and I have a five yr old son together. I rarely get to see my son because my ex wants me to visit him under her watch at her home currently I am NOT on child support but she already filed for it and told me that she is gonna get me under supervised visits. I just got married with someone else and we have two children together so I have my own life with someone else. I want to see my son but I want to be able to take him with me without the supervision. I dont see why the court would allow that because I am a fit parent. I need to know what are the reasons for supervised visits and do I fall under that category?

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  1. M Elizabeth Gunn

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    Answered . Usually it's something pretty obvious--prior abuse of the child, a sibling, or an adult partner, other criminal issues, drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness, or something similar with a current member of the parent's household (a teenage stepson who's a sex offender, or a girlfriend who has a family violence conviction, for example). Supervised visitation and child support do not have anything at all to do with each other. Her "filing for child support" probably just involves going through the AG, and that will not result in supervised visitation by itself--she'd have to file a suit in family court called a "SAPCR" and specifically ask the court for supervised visitation (and get you served, provide a good reason for requiring supervision, have a hearing, etc.) in order to get that.

  2. Edgardo Rafael Baez

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    Answered . Reasons have been outlined by Ms. Foley and based on your facts, I don't think that you will fall under that category. Good luck to you!

  3. Marc Albert Pederson


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    Answered . First of all, visitation and child support are completely separate issues. I've seen many cases where supervised visitation was ordered for no other reason than lack of having legal representation.

    You need to bit the bullet and retain an experienced family lawyer to navigate you through this maze.

    Marc A. Pederson

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