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When is right time for the jury trial to be mentioned in court for plaintiff with personal injury case - defective premises?

Chicago, IL |

I filed the complaint as indigent plaintiff/ProSe, Summons were served, and amended summons for some of the defendants because the name of business. One of the defendant attorneys filed routine motion and the contents are denying, blaming, and about statute argument because my injury occurred July 2006 through October 2007 at the defendant's premises. I have to argue all these with evidences and I have them ready. Although one more assurance about the statute will make me more confident for next motion court date. Where in the law book record has the medical condition stages as the documents in protect statute. Because the defendants are notorious in this kind of situation by the record, it would be stronger argument for me in the jury trial - please see the question.

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    Your question is unintelligible and cannot be answered. It is often said that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. That goes triple for a pro se. If it is important enough to litigate, hire an attorney.

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  2. Your question doesn't make much sense, I'm afraid. If you were injured because of a defective premise, the best thing to do is hire a personal injury lawyer to help you. Premise liability cases are difficult under the best of circumstances, and handling it pro se, particularly at trial with all the rules of evidence, is a recipe for a bad outcome.

    This is general advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

  3. Your question is very confusing but one thing is for sure - you are in way over your head and really need a lawyer to help you. If you are asking when the right time is for a jury demand, that time has passed. A jury demand is filed by the plaintiff with the complaint or by the defendant with the appearance and response to the complaint.

  4. Premises liability cases are no day in the park and do not offer the slam dunk that many people think. (SEE LINK # 1 BELOW) I agree fully with what the good AVVO attorneys in your state have said because litigation procedure varies widely from state to state. Get an attorney to take your case before you face a dispositive motion. (SEE LINK # 2 BELOW)

    Law Offices of Andrew D. Myers, North Andover, MA & Derry, NH provide answers for informational purposes only. Actual legal advice can only be given by an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction, thoroughly familiar with the area of the law in which your concern lies. This creates no attorney-client relationship.

  5. Very difficult to follow your facts and question. You need an attorney. If you can't communicate well in this forum, you will surely not be able to do so in a legal proceeding.

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