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When is copyright infringement a felony?

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In order to be prosecuted for a felony , weather it's for profit or not for profit it has to be proven that $2500+ dollars or $2500 (for non profit) was infringed within a 180 day period. meaning if you infringed $3000 over a 360 day period it would not be a felony assuming no 180 day period within that 360 day period did you go over the $2500+ or $2500 limit. Is this correct?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. NO, that is wrong. If by felony, you mean the customary definition of maximum prison time of 1 year or more, all of the offenses in 17 USC 506(a)(1) qualify because the max penalties under 18USC 2319 we described to you are 1 year or more. They are 1,3,5,6 or 10 years.

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    It appears you are trying to rip-off attorneys without payment, kind of like the felonies you are asking about where you try to rip-off authors, composers, artists and publishers.

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  2. You really need to just pick up a phone and call a lawyer. Lawyers spend decades doing this kind of work every day to understand the nuances of the law. You aren't going to learn everything reading a website, any website.