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When ICE has a deportation order, How does that occur? How do they have knowledge a person has entered the country ?

Pacoima, CA |

They detain a friend recently citing him at his house while he was waiting for carpool to work. they used the SWAT as a cover-up and later detained him saying he had a Order of Deportation. Does detainee receive a copy of the occurrence? will he have some type of paper explaining the reason he was found and ordered? Problem here is he has been in the country for the past 5 years after voluntarily signing his deportation not knowing the immigration laws. At the time he was a RESIDENT by his parents, later loosing his residency due to a non violent offense of receiving stolen property and because his sentence stood more than a year INS decided he was to loose his residency and ordered his deportation. After returning he had no legal problems and has been working and supporting his family.

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It all depends; How would you arrive at this information if you were in charge? Why do you need to concern yourself with such questions? The Government has a right and more importantly duty to protect this country from intruders; The intruders do not have the right nor privilege to stay here illegally; With that said, even illegal aliens have rights under the US laws and to protect those you should help your friend hire an immigration attorney; It might be much more productive than constitutional discussions on AVVO

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Well said as I am a a US born citizen from a father who seved for the US Air force and have a great background of relatives in the US AIRforce and ormillitary branch presently today I respect your answer and I only ask for the comfort of his wife whom is in great distress being he was her backbone for the family being they have a total of 5 children all born in Calif, you can only imagine what situation they are going through. With that being said as a criminal defendant they have the right to a copy of their arrest (NOTHING HIDDEN)rules of procedures. Therefore I was asking to get a better idea of how they came about to his home using False lead to detain him. As we know some officials do tend to abuse power and especially in these ICE cases where they use the POWER to rid of these humans that in some cases



Today it has been more than 10 days and they transferred him to a detyention center by Adelanto and has not seen a judge and keeps being told by staff he is being deported? Mexico is his country to be returned too why so long?

Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal


You need to look into whether he is bond eligible and whether any form of relief from deportation is available



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