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When filling on Schedule F for chapter 7, what is the best way to list multiple creditors for the same account?

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I understand this form should be in alphabetical order. However,
when listing multiple creditors for the same account on schedule F, would It be best to list the original creditor first/description/amount, and directly underneath...the collection agency tied to that account with " " for the description. OR list all the original creditors, and on the last page list all the collection agencies, but nothing in the description column?

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It doesn't matter which creditor gets listed first or how the additional creditors are described. They can be listed as "same as" "representing" "additional notice" "notice only" or any other description you wish to use. Of course, you only include an amount of debt for the 1st creditor on this list.

Hope this perspective helps!


My personal preference is to list them alphabetically because that works best with my organizational methods. As for the original creditor that is where I would place the amount and date of the claim. As for the collection agencies or others assisting in the collection of the original debt just list them as notice only and do not include an amount because it will overstate the total amount of your debt. It really does not matter that much how you do it as long as you get them listed. You should do it in a manner that makes sense to you and that will help keep you organized if the trustee wants to question you about any of it at your meeting of the creditors.
Hope this helps.

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My personal pr eference is to list the original creditor first with the amount. The remaining creditors can have a description of either "duplicate", "duplicate collection creditor", or anything you want to indicate it is not a new creditor. Depending on whether you are using a software package you can listed the originial creditor in each of the duplicate account so they know which debt it is duplicating.

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Most important is to make sure that all known parties, whether original or subsequent colleciton agencies, are listed on the creditor matrix so that they receive notice of the bankruptcy.

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