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When filing a civil suit involving a minor, who do I put as the defendent? The minor (17 then, now 18), mother, or both?

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A 17 year old neighbor borrowed a priceless scrapbook of my daughter and refuses to return it (it has now been 1 year). I have asked her and her mother for it several times and they both now say she doesn't have it. The scrapbook has over 10 years of pictures I can not replace. I want to file a civil suit and not sure who to put down as the defendent; the daughter who has since turned 18, the mother, or both because at the time when the teen borrowed it she was a 17 year old minor? Who do I put as the person(s) to sue? The minor who has since turned 18, the mother, or both?

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It doesn't matter how old the daughter was when she borrowed it, so sue the daughter now.

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