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When does child custody end?

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I have full legal custody of my child. Does custody end when he turns 18? Our custody agreement does not mention when it ends just that I have to pay for his insurance until he is 18 or graduates from high school. He turns 18 before he graduates and I know he wants to go live with his father when he turns 18. His fathers overnight visitations were revoked over a year ago because his father allowed him to do drugs and spend the night with his girlfriend when he was suppose to be visiting his father.

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When a person is emancipated, then they are no longer a minor. In Ohio once a child is 18 and graduated from high school a parent no longer has a legal obligation to support the child. They are considered adults and can move as they like. If a parent files to modify or change the custody arrangement for a child that is still a minor, the court will listen to what the child has to say. The amount of weight they give to that request varies. To modify the arrangement legally an action would need to be initiated with the court.

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