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When does a restricted license begin/end?

Flint, MI |

If you get pulled over for a driving related crime, when does the restriction begin? Is it immediately/day of the offense, day of pleading or day of sentencing? Thanks all!!

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  1. It depends. Were you served on the scene with the notice of revocation?

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  2. Once you are found guilty either by a plea or at trial, notice of the conviction will be sent to the Secretary of State. Usually you will get a letter from the Secretary of State in about two weeks detailing the dates of your restrictions or suspended license.

  3. If it is an owi related offense, you are usually issued a paper temporary license. This works the same as any valid license. Once you are convicted and the abstract is sent to the Secretary of State, you usually have a week or two before you get a letter from the Secretary of State that will indicate the date your license will be suspended or restricted.

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  4. The day the SOS gets notified. SOS will then send a letter to your last known address.

  5. I agree with the other responses on this thread, but would point out one additional thing in this matter. The Secretary of State is not required to track you down to give you notice of your suspension / restrictions. They simply need to send notice to your last known address (i.e. the address on your Michigan Driver's License).

    If your current address is different from the one on your driver's license, you need to immediately head to a Secretary of State branch office to make the change. If you are later pulled over for Driving Outside your Restrictions / Driving While License Suspended, you can't argue that you didn't receive notice if the reason is because you no longer lived at the address on your driver's license when the Secretary of State sent the notice out.

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