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When does a parenting plan legally end?

Federal Way, WA |

My Washington State parenting plan does not show an end date. What is the law regarding the end date? (Please provide the reference number if at all possible).

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The parenting plan ends when the child turns 18. After the child is 18, neither parent can tell the child where to be when.

This is different from the order of child support. That runs until the child turns 18, or graduates high school, whichever happens last, and may continue for post-secondary. That is around 3.18 in your order of support.

Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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Thanks for explaining the difference between the parenting plan and child support order. This is very helpful.


Please refer to Ms. Powell's answer above. The parenting plan ends at 18, but the child support obligation may run longer than that.


There is no known provision providing for an end date for a parenting plan. The provisions of Chapter 26.09 of the RCW provides language for the benefit of the nminor children, e.g. see RCW 26.09.002.

Hope that helps. Rod Pierce

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Thanks for the RCW number to reference

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