When did Texas make buying "bath salt powders" illegal/

Asked over 2 years ago - San Angelo, TX

Today I was told that video from headshops, adult product stores and similar businesses in Texas were being reviewed and then arrest warrants would be issued for ALL who purchased such products and that all stores selling these products would be closed and fined.

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  1. Daniel L. Morris

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    Answered . Bath salts are believed to be a mix of synthetic cocaine and a form of Ecstasy. Its main component, MDPV (3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone), is a synthetic product of the drug pyrovalerone, a Schedule V psychoactive drug. It is a stimulant usually sold in salt form with the appearance of powder, white to tan/brown in color with a slight odor. Bath salts also come in pill form.

    These chemicals do not contain sea salt of Epson salt that usually found in bath salts. I you have purchased some of these items, contact a local attorney to assist you. The state will have a difficult time with intent unless they have evidence beyond just a purchase at a store.

  2. John J. Ritenour Jr.

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    Answered . Don't know about any video review and subsequent arrests, but "bath salts" (to include such items as K2 and Spice) became illegal under Texas law in Sep 2011 - Feds banned it in Jul/Aug, I believe

  3. Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

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    Answered . It is only logical to assume that any attempts to mask sales of controlled substances by naming them differently will be prosecuted if upon laboratory examination such substances contain controlled compounds or drugs. I think any state and Texas in that respect has a vested interest to protect the public from such surreptitious attempts to offer harmful and illicit substances to buyers.

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