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When an income deduction order is put in place is child support sent weekly or monthly?

Fort Myers, FL |

I filed to modify child support and the modification was granted. I also requested an income deduction order on him. Will the support payments come weekly or monthly?

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  1. An income deduction order can have any payment frequency the Court deems appropriate. Speaking generally, most income deduction orders (now referred to as Income Withholding Orders) are bi-weekly (every other week).

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  2. The money will be deducted from his checks according to the payroll cycle of his employer.

  3. My experience has been that the court will match the withholding schedule to the payor's pay schedule. In fact, when we are representing a payor spouse, we submit a proposed order that specifies the correct amounts for all common pay schedules. That way, if a client changes jobs, he or she does not have to go back to court to have the IDO modified. The new employer is already authorized to match the withholding schedule to their pay schedule.

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