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When all else fails and I start stressing I just ask you. Can Nevada State Bank refuse to give me the money in my account?

Las Vegas, NV |

And can they refuse to close my account? I know that if it is closed they will re-open it for any debts that come in and then charge you a insufficient funds fee and I believe that after 30 days of a zero balance they close it.

Thanks in advance.

Reason I am asking is that I am closing the account tomorrow, after my SS comes in. The lady at the bank said that if I close the account and a debt (check) comes in (which will be from one of the payday thiefs) they will reopen the account and charge me the insufficient fees. She also said that each time a check comes in I have to go back to the bank and close the account again. Since I have several loans from the sharks I could be going back to close the account 9 times (3 loans submitted 2 or 3 times) and have to close the account each time. It will have a zero balance so I don't understand this. She was rude and gave me the impression that she could just freeze my account. Caused me concern. Thank again.

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Closing an account when you know you have outstanding checks is a crime. The only reason you have not been prosecuted is payday loan companies are specifically not allowed to be considered victims of check fraud. They can continue to pursue you until you resolve the debts or declare bankruptcy.

The bank is completely within their rights. It costs them money when you bounce checks.

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Wll Mr. Boley: I did not close my account today. I am trying to handle matters. I was just asking questions. So no "crime" committed today. Thanks for being so blunt and coming across so caring!

Thomas D. Boley

Thomas D. Boley


I don't mean to come across like that at all. I have a large criminal caseload of people who end up with bad check charges because they don't understand the law. You are not at risk of being prosecuted because the only outstanding checks are payday loan companies. If you closed an account with any other outstanding check, causing it to bounce, the DA will not hesitate to prosecute. My point is to inform.