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Whats the difference between "indictment filed" and "accusation filed" in a docket entry?

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Specifically Dekalb County Georgia.

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Accusation filed means you have been accused of something and it may be in the investigative process and may end there.

Indictment filed means criminal charges are being brought. Hope that helps.

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Douglas Brooks Rohan

Douglas Brooks Rohan


An indictment issues after a grand jury has reviewed the evidence in a case and determins that there is sufficient evidence to move forward with te case. An accusation bypasses the grand jury.


In Georgia, specific felonies must be presented to a grand jury for indictment. The grand jury is comprised of members of the community who determine whether there is sufficient evidence for the prosecutor's office to proceed with a case. Other felonies and all misdemeanors can be accused by the prosecutor's office without going before a grand jury.
An indictment and an accusation are the formal charging documents which list the crimes and descriptions of those crimes that are alleged to have been committed. There really is no difference between the two types of charging documents for the purpose of informing the accused of the charges against him/her. Hope this helps.
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An accusation is used to charge misdemeanors and certain felonies. An indictment is used to charge any crime after the evidence is presented to a grand jury, generally more serious felonies. Both are the official charging document filed when the State elects to prosecute a case.

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