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Whats the conquences for 15yr old girl already on Probation, being charged with 4th degree assault on police officer?

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My daughter is on Probation until 18, for fighting with another girl two years ago. Now she is being charged for 4th degree assault on police officer. She had called 911 and hung up, when dispatch called back she used inapporiate language, so officer went there and she told him to get the f**k off the property, so they sent a new officer and she told him he wasn't coming in and if he did she would slap him. The officer told her to go ahead and pointed to his cheek, so she tapped him on the cheek and is now being charged.

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  1. A person can be charged with a felony for assaulting a police officer but assuming it is 4th Degree Assault, this is a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of 365 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. The other issue is of course her current probation status and her status as a minor. You need to speak with an attorney immediately.

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    You also need to get your daughter into anger management and counseling, because with her current behavior, she is going to continue to escalate her behavior until she is unsalvageable if left unchecked.


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  3. Your daughter has issues, but it sounds also like the police are way over-reacting. There may be legal defenses to whether the police had a right to come in, and if an officer invited her to slap him, then it is not an "assault." I recommend you get a good lawyer for your daughter as soon as possible to explore the details.

  4. Slapping a police officer can be charged as Assault 3, which is a felony, rather than Assault 4, which is a misdemeanor. Either way, she will need an attorney.

    If she is convicted, it will definitely be a probation violation. However, it is possible for the court to find a violation even if she is not convicted. What will happen on the other case, depends on the status of the case. If the case that she is on probation for was a deferred disposition, than a violation could result in a conviction on her record and being sentenced anywhere within the standard range (if Assault 4, 0-30 days in detention plus fines, community service, etc). If she was already convicted, a violation could result in detention or any number of other sanctions that the court may deem appropriate. In order to accurately answer your question, an attorney would need to know the charges and status of the case on probation.