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What would happen if u were on probation in Oregon for a misdemeanor and u just moved to Wisconsin?

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With out permision... would Oregon come get u? Would Wisconsin jail hold u for Oregon?

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For some things in life, it's better to ask forgiveness rather than permission. This is not one of them. Have your lawyer send a letter to your P.O. Or probation judge with the reasons you'd like to move and the proposed dates, along with an update of your performance thus far on probation (treatment done? Victim Impact Panel? Etc.). Conditions of probation can often be carried out out-of-state -- with the court's permission. So just ask.
I doubt many lawyers will answer your specific questions above because it's an ethical violation for us to counsel people in how to break the law. We are officers of the court, after all. Which brings me to confidentiality -- your lawyer has a duty to maintain it. The Internet doesn't. So I strongly recommend you call and email your old lawyer with this question. Most of us like to hear from old clients. There are legitimate ways you can move out of state, and the hoops aren't that bad to jump through.

Richard E Oberdorfer

Richard E Oberdorfer


If you've already done this (the move), it's fixable -- but it's easier to fix if you're still in town. Give your lawyer a call. If you don't have one, hire a good one.


You definitely should have asked for permission first. Hire an attorney to do so before this turns into a big problem. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen


Violating the terms of your probation can make a small problem become a very big one. The court can issue a warrant for your arrest and give you additional punishments, including more jail time, if you violate your probation. Why make life hard on yourself? Get permission to move before you mess up your life.

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