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What would be the procedure to press charges on someone, and until how long can be validated by court?

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My husband was assaulted by one of his employee, over a verbal argument last night, for all I know, after the argument my husband went to his room (At the hotel room where they all staying) and he closed the door, the other person came kicking the door, and cursing all kind of things continuing the argument, he jumped on my husband and started to hit him in the face, my husband try to defend himself from him and the only thing he could do in the position he was being attacked was to bite the guy who was hitting him. My husband was multiple stitches on his lips and face, and also had surgery on his left eye, and he stayed the second night at the Mississippi University Hospital. I don't have much details because i am in Houston and He is currently in Mississippi. can you explain what i can?

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If police have not yet taken a report, he needs to call them - in the town in which it occurred. They will take photos and a report, and go to the scene to assess and photograph the damages. They will probably need a copy of his medical records, too.

The court does not "validate" anything. The police make a report and the prosecutors' office accepts or declines the charges.

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Thanks, i just found out from the doctors at the hospital, that my husband lost complete vision on the left eye, he is now blind on the left eye.


Hospital staff has probably already alerted the police, but if the police have not contacted him for a statement he definitely needs to call them to report this offense. With injuries this serious, his co-worker could be facing a felony.

As for the length of the criminal process, it can take several months and often well over a year for a criminal case to be concluded.

On a final note, obviously he also needs to inform his employer.

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Your husband definitely needs to speak with the authorities. If cops called you, then he has. If you were calld/notified by someone else, perhaps you can call cops. If you were called by medical care, ask themm forst if they called cops.

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