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What would be the charges/penalties for a misdemeanor theft by taking that amounted to $52 for services rendered? what to expect

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One Friday afternoon a friend and I decided to treat ourselves to a pedicure. It was actually my treat since my father had loaned me his Discover Credit Card for a minor procedure I had to have earlier that morning. We both were pampered and polished, but to my dismay when it was time for payment, the nail salon did not except Discover Credit Cards. I had no other form of payment on me at the time nor did my friend, so I left my Georia DL with the owner as collateral until I came up with the cash. I was unable to find anyone that could help throughout the weekend and I informed the workers on that Saturday, Sunday they were closed and Monday came up and paid, as well as, tipped the pedicurist. On tuesday a warrant was issued for my arrest and I was arrested that Friday,Grand total $52

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  1. I assume the warrant was Theft of Services. If so, you could face a penalty of up to 12 months in custody and a $1000 fine. That is the maximum penalty for a Theft of Services charge. Theft by Taking would have the same penalty. Also, most theft charges are coined crimes of moral turpitude and could adversely impact your future employment and other options. There is an excellent attorney down your way by the name of Richard Otway Allen. I would suggest you contact him or some other attorney by the coast so that you protect your interest. Good Luck

    P. Darrell Kimbrell

  2. The maximum penalty for the conviction of a misdemeanor offense in Georgia is jail time of 12 months and payment of a fine of $1,000, plus court costs. If this is your offense, hire an attorney and have that attorney try to persuade the solicitor to place you in a pretrial diversion program, with the special condition that upon sucessful completion of the terms of the program, you will be able to have the arrest expunged from your record. If this is agreed to by the prosecutor, the end result will be no arrest and no conviction on your record. It will be as if this unfortunate incident never happened.

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