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What will the likely penalties be for driving in violation of a restricted license?

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As a result of a DWAI charge 2 years ago, it was mandated that in order to reinstate my license, I would have to get an interlock device installed in my car. So I reinstated my license accordingly. My license is a restricted one... the restriction is for "Interlock Only". My car broke down and I borrowed a relatives car to go get the necessary parts to fix mine. I was pulled over and my license was confiscated on the spot, in addition to receiving a speeding ticket. I am unsure of whether or not I will have to start my interlock-only period over again, once I reinstate my license for the second time. I am also unsure of what kind of penalties (such as jail) are automatically assessed for this type of offense. Any words of wisdom?

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Any issue in criminal law is very complex and has tremendous potential consequences. Because of the risk to you financially and personally, it is in your best interest to personally speak to a criminal defense lawyer regarding your issue. Most criminal defense lawyers in your area will talk to you briefly on the telephone for free or meet with you for a brief, free consultation. I encourage you to speak to someone face-to-face or on the telephone and see if there is any way they can help you. Discussing a criminal case on-line can be dangerous because you never know who may see your entry. Remember, anything you say (or type) can be used against you. I wish you the best of luck.

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