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What will happen when assult and battery happens to another person?

Chester, CA |
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My sister was driving in her car and this girl came running at her and while she was In the driver ( my sister) the other girl grabbed her throat and pushed the door shut and wouldn't let my sister out. My sister never my a comment or touch her the other girl cane out of no where and also the officer sited her with a assult and battery.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Sometimes the police charge both people or the wrong person during an altercation. Proving that your sister's involvement was not criminal will require a talented criminal defense attorney. People often feel like they don't need a lawyer when they're innocent because the truth is so obvious to them. Your sister might be the only one charged and the other girl will probably be a witness.

  2. Your question is vague. Was your sister cited for assault? Were you a witness? How did your sister assault the other woman? Why are they fighting? Try to ask one question at a time or you will confuse everyone.

  3. It's a little difficult to follow your question, so you may want to take the time to rephrase it. However, sometimes a cop will cite both people in such a scenario and let the prosecutor's office sort it out later. Your sister's best bet is to hire a local criminal attorney to fight the charges against her. Good luck.

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