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What will happen to the first non-immigrant visa application,if i applied for another non immigrant status while it is pending?

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i have a pending application for a non-immigrant status, if i apply for another non-immigrant status now, what will happen to the first application?
the first application is more important to me but it is taking a long time to be finalized.

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Are you talking about visa applications at a US Consulate ... or 'status' applications at the US CIS?

Meeting with an atttorney before filing more papers will be a really, really, smart thing to do.

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applications with the US CIS, thanks for answering

F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III


OK, so you have a pending application for a CHANGE of status from one visa 'classification' to another. You are feeling that they are taking too long and you would like to file an application to yet a 3rd classification. This is not a good idea. Even if you file a paper to withdraw your 1st COS application, CIS might not get it and could actually grant your 1st application while your 2nd one is floating around the CIS building. Also, if your current visa classification has expired, to withdraw your 1st application could result in you being out-of-status ... making approval of your 2nd application impossible. You should meet with an attorney before filing anything more.


I agree. Its not worth the trouble to continue without professional immigration help.


Normally you can have more than one concurrent application pending at a time. But I agree with me colleagues and it would be good for you to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer to review the facts of your case.

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