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What will happen if my fines go un paid for DUI charges in Pa?

Pittsburgh, PA |

i was charged 4 or 5 years ago and spent 90 days in jail and licensed supeneded for 12 monhts. I have not paid any of my fines due to my finacial sittuation. I am looking to move to another state and wanted to know if 1) i can obtain a license in another state as well as if I will get in trouble for not paying the fines.

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  1. You can't ignore them as the county can still try to collect them. Your best bet it to file a petition to have them lifted due to your finacial situation. If you were able to have your license reinstated in PA then I see no reason why the non paymenbt of fines would prevent you from obtaining a DL in another state.

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  2. Worst case scenario? Your license is suspended, a bench warrant is issued for your arrest, you are detained, and sentenced to a jail for contempt of court.

    If your license is suspended in Pennsylvania, you will not be able to get one elsewhere.

    You should consult with a local attorney to see what can be done about this.

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  3. I agree with Mr. Zucker's response. If your license is still suspended in Pa., it will impact on your ability to secure a license in another state. Good luck.

  4. If you haven't paid the fines then it is possible that your license has not been re-instated here in PA. If that's the case it will be difficult to get a new license in a different state.

  5. Your license may still be suspended as a result. This is a situation where you're not going to have police knocking on your door about unpaid fines, but it's going to affect you. Your license may not be reinstated. If stopped by police, they will know you are a scofflaw. Best to pay the fines and get on the right side of the law.

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