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What will happen if im paying a court fine 3 days late?

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I am a college student and this week I have class during the times the courts payment window is open. Tomorrow is my day off so I can pay then (tuseday was the due date) I have made 4 payments already of $150 all on time. The charge is possession of marijuana.

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Courts like their money on time, but more than that, they just like their money. Likely, they will just accept your money and your apology. Better, however, to find a way to get it there today.

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There may be a warrant for your arrest based on your failure to appear regarding the payment. Go to the clerk's window and check if there is a warrant. If there is a warrant you will have to wait while the papers are found and brought into the court.

I would make sure that you have payment in full. If you have the payment, then the court should allow you to pay in full. Try to get to court early with the total amount owed and most probably there will be no problem. It might also help to bring a copy of your class schedule in case the court wants proof that you had to be in class.

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If you fail to appear on your court date, a judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. When you go in to pay, the warrant will be vacated. However, you risk arrest in the interim. Maybe you can send someone to pay for you??

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A warrant was likely issued for your arrest when you failed to appear to pay the fine as scheduled. You may have to sit around in court all day to get to see the judge so that the warrant will be vacated but there shouldn't be any other problems as long as you pay. That is a pretty steep fine for a marijuana charge.

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I am sorry to hear about your situation. You should get there as soon as possible to pay. It is not very likely that you will get in trouble, but it is possible. When you pay it make sure nothing else happened, such as a warrant being issued.

I wish you the best of luck.

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