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What will be the way to protect my assets (before married) form my husband?

Seattle, WA |

he doesnt give me any money, credit card or car food money etc...,no joing account of any beside our house. I have assets before i was married. he is old not have much work and refuse to look for job. I have a disability and an young child from 1st marriage. he does not take care them for me. but he expects me to be the provider and house and pay expenses. I am 56 years old and do not have education or good English ability to get a job. I am relaying on limited rent form my property to pay living
expenses of my and kids. And is there anything I can do to protact my assets beside devorce? thank you.

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I only see two options to protect your assets from your spouse who wishes to use them up. Divorce and Outliving him. If you divorce him and your property is not marital property it should be kept in your division of assets (See an Attorney licensed in WA and specializing in Family Law about that). Also, if you keep your property separate, and never allow him any title or control over them, and OUTLIVE him, then he can't use it or take it without your legal permission (like titling it in his name or jointly with you). This is more a relationship question than a legal one. I wish you the best.

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