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What web site can I go to print out a month to month lease agreement ,Polk County Florida.

Vero Beach, FL |

I plan to Rent/lease my home June 1.

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  1. There are probably hundreds of sites out there which offer a generic lease or a generic Florida lease. However, I have seen leases from some of these sites and wouldn't promote any of them.

    The best bet is to hire a local landlord tenant attorney to draw up a lease for you.
    The online generic leases are lacking in a few key protections for landlords.
    Some of them don't seem to pertain to Florida, yet are marketed as a Florida lease.

    Good luck.

  2. You might also check with a local real estate agent.

  3. The lease I like the best is the standard Florida Board of Realtor lease, you can try to look it up on line or contact a real estate agent. Be advised though that a month to month rental can be simply an oral agreement, no written contract necessary. Although it is usually best to document your agreement with your tenant.

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