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What UD form do I file if I want to evict a tenant on the grounds . . .

Venice, CA |

of being a nuisance, interfering with other tenants, fixing automobiles on the property?

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  1. The answer to this is simple: UD-100 Complaint-Unlawful Detainer. The more complex question, though, is what notice do you serve on your tenant if you want to file a complaint? This would a "3-day notice to perform covenant or quit". Be careful in filling this notice out. though. Describe the activities that that interfere with the quiet enjoyment of your other tenants and refer to the section of the lease proscribing those activities if there is such a provision. I usually request that my clients send a copy of this type of notice to me for review before serving it on the tenant.

  2. You are in Los Angeles. There are lots of requirements for the notice stated in the Rent Stabilization Ordinance, and the whole process is extremely technical. You should hire an attorney to do this for you.

    Important things to remember: 1. The fact that I answered a question that you asked me on line, doesn't make me your lawyer. 2. Opinions are like noses--everyone has one. I just happen to think my opinions are right, but check with another lawyer too.

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