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What type of lawyer would I need to file a lawsuit against a car lot for giving out confidential information?

Tuscaloosa, AL |

I bought a car from a dealership and theyve been giving out car related information to my fiances ex. I have voice mail to prove that she knows information that no one and I mean no one other than the car lot would know. I need to know what tyoe of lawyer I need to contact to file a lawsuit against the car lot since I have to deal with them until the car is paid off. I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. See a personal injury lawyer. This may be an invasion of privacy.

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  2. Hire a Consumer Rights Attorney. Check out You'll need all of the paperwork you signed at the dealership for your lawyer, including the likely signed BMA (binding mandatory arbitration) clause. Best wishes.

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