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What type of lawyer do I hire to file a lawsuit against a law enforcement agency?

Hollister, CA |

I do not want to add more information as these questions end up on Google search engine.

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  1. Most likely a civil rights attorney. Search for a few in your area, and meet with them to discuss the particulars of your case. Most offer free consultations. I would offer you one but you are far away from me. Most civil rights attorneys also handle these cases on a contingency-fee basis, which means you don't pay their fees, they only get paid if they win. But this forces them to only take really strong cases that have a good chance of winning. Go find out if yours is one of those. If several attorneys tell you that you have no case (or that you have a good one) that is a good indication they are right. Good luck.

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  2. Without more information it is hard to say.

    If your civil rights were violated, such as a police officer using excessive force, then you would want a civil rights attorney.

    Depending on the agency on what the nature of their conduct was, the answer may differ.