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What type of lawyer can defend this case? How/Where can i find a lawyer who can offer me pro bono legal service in this case?

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Almost 1.5 year ago I caused an accident by pulling steering wheel while my friend was driving due to a nervous break down. I didn't file a claim with my insurance company at a time until I got sued by my friend's insurance company to pay for damages which was compensated to my friend by his insurance. So I contacted my insurance company and explained that I caused the accident due to nervous break down. My insurance company denied coverage due to the policy language. I was told, since I wasn't operating the car ,my policy indicates "operating" as one of terms of coverage, the accident is not covered under the policy. Since I can't afford a lawyer, I am trying to find a pro bono lawyer in California preferably, Santa Barbara (where the complaint was filed) or in the Bay Area where I live

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I'm sorry to hear about this. I doubt you could find someone to take your case pro bono. If you do not have the funds to pay a judgment against you in the amount the insurer is asking, you probably should consider bankruptcy.

Look in the telephone book under "civil litigation." You can also call the Santa Clara County Bar Association's lawyer referral service at 408.971.6822 for a low-cost initial consultation.


I agree with attorney Eschen. Pro-bono attorneys are hard to come by for this type of case. Instead, why not consult with a lawyer on an "as-needed" basis. Ask the lawyer to review your insurance policy and send a letter on your behalf to the insurance company if he feels your claim was wrongfully denied. You can also file a complaint with the California Department of Insurance. Good luck.


I agree. This is not a pro bono candidate case. I doubt you'll get an attorney to donate tens of thousands of dollars in time and expense on this private dispute.

Kevin Samuel Sullivan

Kevin Samuel Sullivan


I would be very surprised if you find a pro bono lawyer but you need to hire someone ASAP to file a response to the complaint to avoid a judgment being obtained against you.

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