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What type of attorney do i need for a juvenile police brutality case??????

San Diego, CA |

my son was assaulted by sdpd over curfew and was sent to the er they almost broke his nose and there was witnesses to the assault they used excessive force and he is only 16 years old

he also has a disablity

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You should look for a civil rights or personal injury attorney who specializes in filing law suits against government entities. Suing the government is more complex than suing the average private citizen. Make sure that you specify this to the attorney(s) you contact. Good luck.



What does your son's alleged "disability" has anything to do with the police brutality. If you are suing for wrongful conducts of the police, it makes no difference whether your son has disability or not, unless the police is the one who caused him disability. I get very turned off by people who abundantsly use the term. It really makes no difference whether people allegedly have any types of disability or not unless the legal issues in question is over the workers comp or SSDI payments. Just using the terms whether you or your son allegedly have "disabilty" will not give you any advantage. You are only defaming your own son and making his credibility questionable, unless that is your tactic. If you son wants to testify against the police then their lawyers will use your own words against your son and make him non-credible witness......unless that is your tactic. You (the "Asker") act exactly a cop yourself.



Police loves to lable people "disabled" "mentally ill" etc because then they get more control of the case by making the other person non-credible. Government/attorneys use this tactic all the time. crooks.


You need a civil rights attorney if you are looking to sue the police for money damages. If you are looking at defending your son in criminal court, then a juvenile criminal defense attorney is needed.

The above information does not establish an attorney client relationship nor is it meant to provide legal advice.


You want to know the type of lawyer to contact regarding "excessive force" used by a SDPD officer in which your 16 year old son's nose was broken.

It is not clear why the police were involved and whether any arrest was made. However, an officer can only use reasonable force to subdue and/or arrest a suspect while performing his duties and to protect himself and others in the vicinity. This is a judgment call, but anything beyond a minimum force may be characterized as police brutality.

Ordinarily, personal injury attorneys handles such cases, but it is true that civil rights lawyers do as well. An important element to keep in mind is that a government "claim" must be timely filed in order to bring a lawsuit.

You and your son should not delay in contacting a lawyer to discuss all of the facts and circumstances.


I agree with my colleagues. A personal injury attomey can help, and you must file an appropriate government claim with the correct governmental entity in a timely fashion or else your rights will be waived.

Marc Lazarus


If you're going to follow up on this claim you most Likely will need to file your government claim within 6 months - so do not delay in hiring an attorney.

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