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What type of a lawyer would handle a case where a mechanic corrected one problem, but created another

Hazel Green, WI |

Had exhaust fixed on truck, the mechanic forgot to disconnect the battery when he was welding and it fried the wires thru out the engine and now other parts of the truck aren't working

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That sounds like a potential issue of negligence. I welcome you to give me a call to discuss how to proceed on this case.


I would contact a general practice attorney. Maxwell may be a good choice also.

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Speak with Mr. Livingsston.

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Actually, you are going to want to talk to a lawyer who deals in Consumer law cases, to see if there are any administrative code violations or other statutory mechanisms to try and get a fee shift or exemplary damages to make the case more economically viable. You are also going to want to find a lawyer in or near the county seat where the case will be filed to cut down on billable travel time in the absence of a fee shifting mechanism. Good luck.

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