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What trouble can someone be in by hiding someones whereabouts knowing that they have a warrant and allow them to reside with you

Raleigh, NC |

My ex-boyfriend has a warrant for assulting me(we have been to court 3 times and he never showed up) and has been hiding from the police and bouncing from house to house staying with different people. He also just got another charge for pawning someones jewlry and receiving money for it. It has come to my attention that he is now also staying with this person (on and off) that pressed the charges against him for the stolen jewlry. Would this person be in legal trouble for hiding him knowing that they are aware of his two outstanding warrants? This is in Wake County, NC

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Maybe. It depends on the extent of the "hiding". Simply letting someone live with you is probably insufficient to sustain a criminal conviction. However, lying to police or actively disguising someone's identity or living arrangements in order to help the defendant elude arrest could be charges as delaying an officer in his duties or obstruction of justice