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What to legally do about a drunk and hostile boss?????

Trempealeau, WI |

I am working for a company in La Crosse My boss is constintly drunk and hostile. I am now under the threat of the company closing. I am in need of advice and a lawyer that can help me through this. I am only staying at the job because I can not afford to go on unemployment or start over at another job. I am under a great deal of stress because I am the only worker and expected to do the job of 6 other people. He rarely remembers scheduling most of the vehicles and is to drunk to help me with the work. I would leave but I have a family to raise. The only reason I am still there is the money. I need to know what legal actions that I can take .

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You need to find an employment lawyer in your area and get advice as to your rights as an employee. If there are others who are above your boss, you may also want to consider taking your concerns to them because his actions may very well be a concern for the company itself. If you don't know how to find an employment lawyer, contact the WI state bar association and they should be able to direct to you attorneys who handle employment matters in your area.

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As brutal as the economy is you may have to move on unless you can go over this bosses head and that could cost you've job also. Tough situation but keep all of your options open.

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You will need to provide the employment attorney you talk to more details as to what you mean by "hostile." Discriminatory actions? Sexually hostile environment? Also, have you complained to HR in writing? Lastly, if you quit, you will likely not receive unemployment benefits unless you can prove a constructive discharge.

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