What to do when your divorce attorney takes sides with the ex?

Asked over 2 years ago - Wentzville, MO

I saved for a retainer and got the best attorney in our area. He never met my husband and was nice the first day demanding $3000 down, I gave him the money and then when we went to court he would not let me in the courtroom and only communicated with my husband and his attorney, came out and said he was a great guy. I feel like it was his job to protect me and make me comfortable, now I am left with trying to get through this with no hope of anything positive for me, a little background, ex is an alcoholic, that started using drugs, lots of proof, 911 calls, police reports, I did not want any money or property just for me and my daughter (age 10 to be safe), my attorney came out said hes a great guy, give him his daughter and good luck. I feel cheated.

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  1. Margaret P. Murphy

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    Answered . You don't say if your case is final yet. If your case is not final, you still have the chance to find a different attorney to represent you. If you have alleged abuse or neglect in your pleadings the Court has to appoint a Guardian ad Litem to represent your daughter. This could help your case in protecting your daughter.

  2. Henry Paul Elster

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    Answered . The Professional Rules of Responsibility prohibit us from discussing this matter with you because you are already represented by an attorney.

    I am not your attorney. I do not represent you. This response is submitted for informational purposes only. This... more

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