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What to do when you are sued by a credit card company?

Atlanta, GA |

Being sue for no payments since March 2009. I paid faithfully up until then, but I had a child and been on furlough once a month which will be going into twice a month furloughs (no pay).

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There is only so much you can do. You can answer, which will slow the process a bit. Typically, with a credit card company...they sue and the debtor does not answer (because there is really no defense). Consequently, the credit card company receives a default judgment against you. You may want to have a bankruptcy attorney go over your financials.

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I would suggest speaking with an attorney - you may have defenses that you do not even know about pertaining to the collection of the credit card debt. In any case, you probably do not want to ignore the lawsuit and fail to answer.

If this is only the first of several similar lawsuits that you expect, it may be time to start thinking about bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will stop the credit card suit in state court and all your debts will be handled in the federal bankruptcy court.

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